Autoencoding with K-Means

The MNIST dataset contains images of handwritten digits from 0 to 9. Using the machine learning K-Means algorithm to cluster the MNIST dataset achieves poor results. This experiment seeks to improve and measure the accuracy by using an autoencoder to massage the input data prior to K-Means. To measure the results a purity score will […]

Large Scale Augmented Reality

This is an experiment to test the state of augmented reality on the Apple iOS platform, by placing 3D models of historic structures in their original locations. I wanted to see how accurate the placement could be and how realistic they would appear. This post is intended to provide a little guidance to anyone starting […]

Grade School Flashcards App Released

I am happy to announce the first release of Grade School Flashcards on the Apple App Store! I created the app to practice reading with my son and found it worked very well so I decided to share it with everyone. There are already fantastic apps that help kids with math and reading and this […]